Autodesk Data Processing Agreement

2.3. You are responsible for the accuracy, accuracy and detailed nature of the data you provide. The entry of erroneous data is considered a violation of the directive. If the data provided changes, you should inform the person in charge immediately. The responsible holder is in no way responsible for any damage that may occur to the user and/or third party if the user has provided incorrect and (or insufficient) personal data or has not requested a supplement and/or correction of the data if it changes. Your subscription to an offer is valid for a limited time, the duration of which must be indicated at the time of purchase and must be indicated on your purchase confirmation or any other identification of the offer. If no length is specified, please contact us at and we will determine and confirm the duration of your subscription. 10.4. For direct marketing purposes, the processor processes personal data as long as you are the user or 10 years after receiving consent. Social networking data: Our apps may contain content, buttons or other tools related to another company`s services and/or platforms (“Plugins”). We collect information about your use of plugins through Autodesk Analytics programs as well as our third-party analytics and analysis tools. If you use an app containing plugins, the information can be transferred directly from your device to a third-party service provider and/or platforms. We do not control the control data collected by the plugins.

If you are connected to a social network, the social network can associate your use of our app with its services and/or platforms. 4.1. When you fill out as a visitor a form on the website to contact the person in charge, the person in charge sends these categories of personal data to answer these questions: To request a copy of the personal data on your account, please send this form. In accordance with applicable law, we may require proof of your identity before responding to your request and we may request additional forms of verification depending on the nature of the personal data requested. 10.6 “computer”: (1) a single electronic device with one or more central processing units (CPUs), which accepts information in a digital or similar form and manipulates information for a given result on the basis of a sequence of instructions or (2) a software implementation of such a device (or virtual machine); or (3) a mobile device designed for processing digital or similar information.