Learning Agreement Torino

Beyond my personal interests and my Italian language skills, the first thing I had to do to justify my motivation was to choose the right courses at UniTo and show how this program would serve my doctoral thesis. So, after spending two nights in a row on the UniTo sites, I chose courses more or less equivalent to those that were to take place at the HSE and those that were to be useful for my final work. Since PPD has entered into a partnership agreement with the legal department in particular, they have fortunately had an ongoing research project on ICT regulation, which is the area of my research interests. The Apprenticeship Contract – The Curriculum is the document that lists all the courses you wish to participate in and takes exams during your mobility period. This document must be approved and signed by your home university and your Exchange coordinator with UniTO. The name of the exchange coordinator can be reached on the online application form or in the bilateral agreement. The International Mobility Office reviews your application and contacts you when you have questions about your application. Only applications from students officially appointed under existing agreements are accepted. An apprenticeship agreement is only compulsory for Erasmus students. It is strongly recommended that exchange students compile one. As soon as I got my exchange program authorization department, I contacted my academic coordinator at UniTo, Dottoressa Paola Gammino, who is the nicest and kindest person of all time, who helped me a lot during my preparation for university exchanges and also during my first days in Turin.

We first agreed on the conditions of my university mobility, and soon I received a letter of invitation for my study visa. Then we finished the offer of my selected courses and Paola helped me draw my personal schedule. Finally, with the PPD teachers and the UniTo page, we have agreed on a learning agreement with all the courses I should take at UniTo and their equivalents in HSE. With more than 1,000 Erasmus agreements with partner programmes and countries, as well as more than 600 cooperation agreements with 177 universities around the world, the University of Turin supports and supports student mobility in countries and disciplines. International exchanges are open to students currently studying at institutions outside Europe.