Sap Business One Blanket Agreement

One thing I put up under the alloy chassis, so we have an alloy frame here, small, and we have a 4 percent discount behind this item, so if I put alloy frames and it`s small, we see it`s a two percent discount. Okay, so what happens here, so I have a 4% discount on special prices, but then the hierarchy replaced and applied this 2% discount. So just something to consider when you`ve set up this discount period, and you can set up the structure. It will not be the lowest price or the best discount given to this counterparty, it is what the data was completed in the section indicated. Thus, due to the installation, a 2% discount was applied to this order. So it`s a good tool, just to see how you follow and if you have a regular meeting or if you catch up with your client, you can see how it fits with what was agreed at the beginning of the year or at the beginning of the lump sum agreement and adapt accordingly. Do you have an agreement with the seller or your client? Do not worry. SAP Business One has prepared a document called the Blanket Agreement to register your agreement. If a debitor creates an order based on the agreement, it contains all the lines of the sales framework agreement. There is a link between the order and the agreement from which it was established.

In order for your customers to create orders based on the agreements specified in the sales framework agreement in SAP Business One, you must activate the Sales Contracts option in Sana Admin: Configuration > Order – Caisse > Order. All right, hello everyone and welcome to this leverage technologies webiner for SAP Business One. I`m James Rodda and today`s theme is price control of items and flat-rate agreements. Now, most organizations that use SAP Business One have pricing requirements that should be put in place in the system. And today is a demonstration of all the options available or some of the options available around pricing in SAP Business One. So we`re just creating a little bit of awareness so you can bring it back into your business and see if it can apply to your own system. Among the many new improvements made to the framework agreements of SAP Business One version 9.3, there are functions that make the function more flexible, including the possibility: Okay, so the price list is something that needs to be put in place. This is a mandatory part of the SAP Business One system that must be in place before you can start setting up customers or business partners. So it`s very important. We also have the option of hosting several currencies against a single price list. So for now, I have set up three currencies: AUD, USD and Euro.

And it allows me to simplify the installation instead of creating a price list for each currency. I can just create a price list and give it a title, and you can apply it to foreign currency trading partners. The next thing I`m going to go through is the powerful forks we have on the right. So if I do it in strong ranges, then I see that price of $228 with that three percent discount. And then I put $221.16 on the order, and I have this source of price. So, again, special prices for a business partner pass, so it tells me that information. From there, I will go into a client that I have already set up [inaudible 00:09:19] just to tell you the relationship between the customer and this price list. So I have this client video here.

Things you know, I hope, behind a partner. But today I only want to focus on payment terms, and we have a field called the price list.