Severance Agreements In Florida

At the beginning of the complaint, the employer filed an application in Florida to dismiss parts of the complaint, arguing that the employee had waived her right to sue for those cases by signing the severance agreement. In particular, they are seeking reprisals, as well as a request for legal fees, expenses and expenses. The Florida employer`s argument was that these rights were waived by the exemption and release of the severance agreement that the employee had signed as part of the termination of her employment. The dismissal award at issue provided that the company paid the employee: (1) two months` salary, (2) a lump sum payment equal to all unused paid allowances accumulated by the worker and (3) a two-month continuation of the worker`s visual, health, health and dental insurance benefits with the company. In return, the employee agreed to exempt the company and its parents from any claim the employee had against the company from the beginning until the date the employee signed the severance agreement in Florida. In analyzing the case, the Florida court found that the authorization specifically included all claims arising from the employee`s employment in the company and the termination of her employment with the company. The Florida court also noted that the severance agreement gave the employee at least 21 days to review the severance agreement and seven days to change her mind after signed it. In addition, the severance agreement included a language recommendation for the employee to consult a lawyer before signing the severance agreement. The severance agreement also contained, in large letters in bold, just above the signature lines: The undersigned HAVE Carefully READ THIS SEVERANCE AGREEMENT AND HAVE not been Coerced into signing IT; THEY UNDERSTAND THEIR CONTENT AND FREELY AND VOLUNTARILY AGREE TO COMPLY WITH ITS TERMS. The court also found that the employee needed three weeks to sign the severance agreement. In Florida, severance pay generally applies when an employee is fired or retires early – not fired or fired. The severance pay protects the new unemployed and is generally seen as a gesture of goodwill.