Trademark Purchase And Assignment Agreement

If the trademark is registered nationally, note the change of ownership at the USPTO Assignment Recordation Branch. A $40 fee is required to register an assignment based on the USPTO pricing plan. The USPTO Recordation Form cover sheet for brands is highly recommended when submitting your brand. Other issues regarding the registration of a trademark assignment to the USPTO can be resolved by their frequent ownership/assignment transfer. The term “brand” is often used to refer to both a brand and a service mark. Brands identify products or products, while service brands identify services provided. Keep in mind that registering a business name is not the same as registering a trademark. You need a brand sale agreement model at any time if you want to transfer ownership of a service brand or brand from one party to another. The trademark transfer agreement is the legally binding document that makes the transfer official and legally binding and defines the terms of the purchase. This assignment is also known by some other names. When you make transactions and other parties refer to the transfer of intellectual property rights, the transfer of intellectual property (IP), the contract to purchase and transfer of trademark, the contract for sale and transfer or the transfer of trademark rights, they refer to the same document. These are all the other names under which the trademark assignment agreement is known.

This agreement could also be a part or complement to agreements that formalize a business relationship, such as. B a joint enterprise agreement. An example of the trademark agreement allows you to design your legal document very easily. It includes the date on which the transfer of the mark is effective, i.e. the date on which the property is officially transferred to the new owner. It should also mention the price of the sale of the brand. This is officially called reflection. All guarantees that are part of the agreement must also be included in the trademark transfer agreement. The guarantees are the guarantee that the client is indeed the rightful and genuine owner of the mark and that he has all the legal powers to transfer ownership of the trademark. You want to avoid miscommunication and errors, as this is an important part of the transaction. Keep in mind that registering a trademark is not the same as registering the business name of a product or service.

These are separate procedures and the trademark assignment agreement does not deal with the trade name. Keep in mind that registering a business name is not the same as registering a trademark. In addition to words, phrases or logos, a brand may also contain a slogan, name, perfume, product or container shape and a distinctive combination of notes. For example, even a colour can be a mark if it acts only as a symbol under Qualitex Co. v. Jacobson Products Co., Inc. of 1995. Learn more about whether you should register your trademark with the USPTO basic facts on trademark.

If the trademark is registered nationally, you can use the USPTO to track the attributions on their Trademark Query site. Do your homework and check with the USPTO and in the 50 countries that the Assignor actually owns the registered or unregistered trademark and has the right to sell the trademark.