How To Stop Adobe Software License Agreement

This limited warranty does not apply to the following products made available as intended and without Warranty from Adobe: (i) patches; (ii) police software; (iii) pre-release software, trial version, starter, evaluation, product type printers, evaluation software and copies not used for resale of the software; (iv) Adobe online websites, services; and third-party online services; (v) Services certified document (see section 16); and (vi) any software made available free of charge by Adobe by web download from an Adobe website. All warranty claims must be claimed with proof of purchase within this warranty period from Adobe Customer Service. For more information about warranty rights, see If, for example, the customer is located in the European Union (EU), the customer may, under certain conditions set by applicable law, have the right to decompile the software when this is necessary to ensure the interoperability of the software with other software and the customer has first requested Adobe in writing to provide the information necessary for such operation, and Adobe did not provide this information. In addition, such decompilation may only be performed by the Customer or any other person authorized to use a copy of the Software on behalf of the Customer. Adobe has the right to impose reasonable terms before such information is provided. All information provided by Adobe or obtained by Customer, to the extent permitted below, may only be used by Customer for the purposes described above and may not be passed on to third parties or used to create software materially similar to the expression of the software, or be used for other actions that violate the copyright of Adobe or its licensors. 14.1.4 To the extent permitted or approved by law by customer, Adobe (a) may send transactional messages to customer to facilitate the Adobe online service or the activation or registration of adobe software or online service, or (b) product-related marketing to provide information about the software and other Adobe products and services using information, including, but not limited to, the platform version; provide software version, license status, and language. .

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