Plantation Agreement

To create the interest of plantations for the land, it is necessary to submit to Landgate, in return for payment of the mandatory registration fee, a form for the contract to plant trees for registration. Countless communities around the world have experienced the severe negative effects of plantations, and WRM and many other organizations have for years published reports, videos, firsts and articles on the subject. But despite these effects, plantations continue to grow and have received new international support, justified by the climate crisis. This is due to the inequitable imbalance of power in which plantation societies, with the support of states and their repressive apparatus, try to impose themselves and continue to penetrate the territories of communities to control them and turn them into plantations. The text of the Paris Agreement does not explicitly mention tree plantations, but it indirectly creates the conditions for it to be one of the most favoured sectors. What do you mean? Companies also have other important allies: large NGOs on their side, which create shameful initiatives that give a seal of legitimacy to counter the violations caused by these companies and serve as carte blanche to obtain incentives and subsidies. Examples include WWF`s New Generation Plantations initiative and the Forestry Stewardship Council (4) certification system. These “green” monoculture tree planting initiatives, despite the damage they cause, ensure that they have a good reputation in the eyes of investors and end-users of products. In the meantime, these initiatives have disobeyed the communities concerned, which are not taken into account and who, given the language used by these initiatives, have great difficulty in dialogue. 5. A tree-planting contract is only registered if it has the written consent of any person with a registered interest in the territory that is the subject of the agreement.

If the contract is entered into by a tenant of the property or crown, the written consent of any person with a registered interest in the property subject to the lease is required. (1) (2) (3) You can sign an open letter to FAO launched by Timberwatch, Salva la Selva and WRM on 21 September 2016, International Day to Combat Monoculture Tree Plantations. With this open letter, we place the importance of FAO`s definition of forests and call for FAO to take responsibility and immediately proceed with a genuine process of revision of this definition. (To register, visit: (4) (5) Planting`s interest in surfaces may relate to: An interest in planting is a registered interest in surfaces. It can be treated in the same way as other interests in the country. It can be extended, variable, transferred, mortgaged or issued (see TPA-02 below). It can also be developed under a will and ordered for a property (Seizure and Sale). No stamp duty is due when creating a tree planting contract, but all subsequent transfers or other transactions are normally subject to stamp duty. Another important part of the Paris Agreement – even though it accepts monoculture tree plantations as “woodland” – is its very ambitious goal of keeping the temperature rise “well below 2oC and making efforts to limit the increase in temperature to 1.5 degrees Celsius…

to achieve a balance between anthropogenic emissions from springs and the reduction of greenhouse gases by wells during the second half of the century. “I`m not Note: If the agreement is related to Crown Land, it should not be registered unless it is compliance with the LAA s.18.