Status Of Mission Agreement Mali

Five things to know about Mali (5 July 2018): “EUTM Mali Means of transport” refers to all vehicles and other means of transport owned, leased or chartered by EUTM Mali and necessary for the mission. 3. The host State shall support, to the extent of its means and capacities, the preparation, establishment, implementation and support of the Government of the UNION, Mali. The support and support of the State of assignment to the mission shall be provided under the same conditions as support and support to the armed forces of the host State. Personnel employed on the spot shall enjoy privileges and immunities only to the extent permitted by the host State. However, the host State shall exercise its jurisdiction over such personnel in such a way that it does not unduly affect the performance of the task. Another dilemma is whether MINUSMA should focus its efforts on the north or centre of the country.