Uk Spouse Visa Tenancy Agreement

@Sara your immigration history will be taken into account when registering a new application. However, the refusal of a visit visa should not normally cause problems with a spouse`s application. Feel free to send us by the refusal message and we can advise you in more detail. My wife and son are British, I intend to apply for a spouse visa, currently my wife is on government housing allowance, since she was just born, you think the benefit may affect the chance of getting the visa, and we also have money savings of £22400 Hello. My husband and I got married in 2018. I lived with him in his country for a year. Now we are in Britain. He has an animal visa 4. I had a few questions. 1) Can he change his visa in the UK? 2) I earn 21k, if I take a loan from the bank for personal things, will it affect his visa application? I am on extra leave to stay as a spouse, and next year I will apply for my permanent residence leave.

Now, with this coronavirus lockdown, we are fighting, and my husband is considering getting universal loans. How much do you think this will affect my application? Hello. My wife is currently in Britain on a Tier 4 student visa, we plan to change and apply for the spouse visa in the coming months. I am currently earning above the £18,600 threshold, but I am not sure that the necessary evidence documents are available. Proof of address is mentioned for 2 years. Before living in the UK, we lived in Asia in countries where we didn`t need official rental documents or electricity bills. We didn`t have any official papers. Is the address requirement mandatory for both years if there is other evidence of a relationship? In Britain too, we live as a family with limited bills and no lease. What evidence is needed to prove family residence? Thank you for each tip in advance @Omar, the lease and a letter from your mother will be correct – there is no need to show that you are paying for the accommodation costs.

Hello. My wife intends to apply for a spouse visa in May or June 2020. We have a common child who is a British citizen. We intend to combine savings with my unpaid job to meet financial needs. This unpaid work involves working online with a registered foreign language school and, as a result, it would be difficult to obtain pay slips. Instead, I have online proof in the form of an electronic pay slip that I earn by working for this company. My question is what kind of evidence is needed for my job. Could I just deposit bank statements on the money I earn from working online or do they have to be pay slips? Thank you for all the advice.

@Bee, you can apply before your lease starts, as long as you can prove that the date on which it is to start and accommodation would be available after entering the UK After the first UK spouse visa is filed and its work in progress, my sponsor employer will be laid off and the department will leave and my sponsor will no longer work, Does this affect my app? At the time of application submission, my sponsor has worked in the same company for the last 2 years and filled in the finances after filing the application with 1 month, this problem arises…